About the Author

I love yogurt! My friends think I am addicted because I need to have some yogurt every single day, but if it is good for you is it still an addiction? Yogurt is packed full of benefits (the best of which you can read about in my article here) and so I am proud of the fact that I eat it everyday. OK, so this part is supposed to be about me and not yogurt so here is a little about me.

I am a recent graduate who is in that awkward place between school and an actual career. You could describe me as one of those “new agey” types. While I am waiting on my life to begin I have the time to do things like write reviews on yogurt makers. The thing is, even though it may seem kind of silly, I really just want to help, and that is why I made this site – to let people know they can make their own yogurt at home and to help them find the perfect machine to help them do just that.

Yummy + Healthy = Yogurt!


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