Buying Guide for Yogurt Makers


If you have decided to make your own yogurt (#TeamHomeMade) then you are ready to buy a yogurt maker. A yogurt maker helps you shorten your prep time and make your yogurt smoother and richer. The maker you choose does not need to be expensive and should not be complicated or hard to use. There are some very important decisions you will have to make.

Manual or Electric?

First, do you want a electrical yogurt maker or non-electric one? The decision should be made based on your needs. The non-electric yogurt makers use hot water to warm up the milk for fermentation. This maker reduces your electricity consumption drastically, if you are more on the conservative side.

On the other hand, the electrical yogurt makers maintain a certain temperature while the fermentation process takes place, which you can actually watch. Because of this, it uses a self-timer which stops once the process is complete and the yogurt is ready.

After you have decided whether or not to go electrical then you can choose if you want a single jar maker or multiple jar maker. The single jar makers are good for on the go use, but if you like a variety of options in your yogurt flavors the multiple jar maker is good for you.

Value For Money

Even though you may not want to buy the most expensive ones you also don’t want to buy the cheapest either. The most expensive yogurt maker can go for up to around $200 and often has really good quality, while the cheapest ones may go for around $15 and don’t always have the most reliable quality.

Therefore, you need to find a mid-ground based on your budget. Never forget that oftentimes the price you see is only attached to the brand and may not necessarily be better than a cheaper one with the same features. Purchase your maker based on your budget, your needs, and the quality of the product.

Prep Time

As part of the reason you are buying a yogurt maker is to lessen the preparation time, you must consider the prep time associated with the makers that fall in your budget. It’s important to know how much time you will need for fermentation and cooling.

The fermentation process is normally done in the night and cooling takes place in the morning in the freezer. If you choose a yogurt maker with a self-timer, then it will turn off after the process is completed; this will save you from making your yogurt too acidic by over-fermenting.

Usage Frequency

When choosing your yogurt maker, you must consider what you need it for. If you are looking to make a lot of yogurt it doesn’t help to get a small maker. Make that investment and get a big one. A maker can also help you make really good curds. It is also time saving, economical, cheap, environmentally friendly, and easy to use.

Consider all of these factors when purchasing your yogurt maker and, just like you would for any other appliance, compare them side by side and look up reviews to see if customer experience matches what the manufacturers advertise. Have fun buying!

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