Yogurt Maker Features


Commercial yogurt makers for use at home have been around for some time now. With the advance in technology various features have been added since they first hit the market. Making yogurt is a very simple and natural process that has not changed for thousands of years and never will, or the end product will not be yogurt.

What has changed is the machines that are available to help the yogurt lovers to make their favorite type in the comfort of their own homes. The function of a yogurt machine is to keep the ingredients used to make yogurt at a steady temperature until yogurt is formed. However there are units that offer more features than others that make the process a little easier than others and a lot more fun to use.

Easy to Use

In order to enjoy the experience, you must choose a machine that’s easy to use; that’s the best feature that it can ever have. As mentioned earlier, making yogurt is simple process so you don’t need a machine that’s going to complicate matters.

Auto Shut Off or Timer

If you’ve ever made yogurt at home, you can appreciate how much easier the process can be with this feature. Even though yogurt needs several hours before its ready for consumption, if you leave it for too long it may not taste the way you want it to.

After experimenting with different fermentation periods, you will know the exact time that is necessary to get the yogurt the way you want it. An automatic shut off feature is very helpful, as is a timer that alerts you if the unit does not combine an auto shut off with a timer.


This is another feature that will make one machine better than the other. For most people bigger is better. Most will want a unit that holds more yogurt and you can scale ingredients down if need be to make a smaller batch. It’s harder to make several batches to get the quantity you want when you consider that it takes at least six hours to make a batch of yogurt.

Interchangeable Batch Production

Some of the best yogurt makers allow you to change between making a single batch of yogurt and making several small jars of yogurt in a single cycles. Sometimes our needs change, and having the option of deciding how you will use the machine on a particular day is a great feature.


We all like extra gear and it’s no different with a yogurt maker. Not many of them seem to come with extras, so when they do you should pay attention. Some will come with strainers to vary the texture of the yogurt while others will come with extra jars, storage containers, and lids.

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