Homemade and Store-Bought Yogurt Differences


Have you ever thought about whether or not you should make your own yogurt or just buy it? What if you are home and you really don’t want to leave, but you have all the ingredients there? Or what if you are at the supermarket and you now have the opportunity to either buy the yogurt you like or buy the ingredients to make your own? What would you decide? Let’s look at the homemade yogurt versus the store-bought yogurt. There are various aspects we need to take into consideration, such as the cost, the variety, and the health benefits.

Health Benefits

Let’s start with the health difference. On one hand you will know for sure what your yogurt is made of versus having an idea of what is in your yogurt hoping that the manufacturer is upholding the right standards. Oftentimes it is reported that manufacturers sell products as yogurt that aren’t real yogurt!

Your “live and active” cultures aren’t always what they seem. Some of these yogurts that are labeled as “High Probiotics” are actually much lower than the recommended standard. You can easily make your own yogurt from real cow’s milk and real yogurt products with little processing, and then at least you will know exactly what is going in there.

The Flavor

If you like getting adventurous with your yogurt flavors then store bought yogurt may not be for you. Yes, there are some pretty interesting flavors in the supermarket and they do come out with new flavors every now and again, but is it enough for you?

If it is, then that’s awesome! But for the more food-adventurous among us, making your own yogurt at home will make experimenting much easier! After you mix the basic yogurt you can separate the mix into various jars then mix each jar with your favorite berries and fruits. Can you imagine the wild flavors you could come up with and still remain healthy and under budget?

The Cost

The cost is normally the most defining factor. Is it cheaper to buy the yogurt or to make it yourself? Let’s find out. The cost of store bought yogurt can range from $3 to $5, depending on the brand and the location of the store. On the other hand, if you were to buy each ingredient it will cost you $2 to $3.50, depending again on the brand of the products you purchase and the store you are purchasing from.

We all know that some supermarkets tend to be a little more expensive than others. To get 1 quart of yogurt all you need is 1 quart whole milk and 1/4 cup plain whole milk yogurt. Already you are getting more for your money by making your own yogurt.

You can also consider the time it takes to prepare both. The time it takes to make your homemade yogurt is just over 1 hour while buying your favorite yogurt won’t take you more than 3 minutes depending on the line in the store. So which team will you be on? Team homemade or team store-bought?

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