The Popular Types of Yogurt Makers


Yogurt is a wonderful food and it’s no wonder that millions of people around the world have been consuming yogurt for thousands of years. We are fortunate to be living the modern age where most of what we need is right at our fingertips compared to just a few generations ago.

One of the luxuries of modern life for the yogurt enthusiast is being able to purchase a yogurt maker for use at home. Yogurt makers enable us to enjoy our favorite types of yogurt at our convenience. It has given us the freedom to experiment with a variety of flavors and textures to come up with the combinations that we will enjoy like no other.

Modern life though, comes with some disadvantages. In relation to food, we find that in an effort to mass produce foods with an unnaturally long lifespan, manufacturers process foods to a point where they bear little resemblance to their original form and are laden with additives that are proven to be bad for our health.

Therefore, making as many foods at home as we can is not really a hobbyist’s endeavor but a matter of protecting our health. Making the choice of getting a yogurt machine for home use has become so much more than just about taste.

Types of Machines

There are several types of yogurt makers available. They perform the same basic function of keeping the milk and culture at a stable temperature, which will allow it to curdle and form yogurt. However, we all know that in the marketplace there is the good, the bad, and the ugly, meaning that some machines are way better than others.

Single or Multi Batch

The two main types out there are ones that allow you to make yogurt in a single batch and others that allow you to make individual jars of yogurt in one cycle. The type you go for will be based on your needs.

Some people prefer to make one large batch and portion them as they see fit. They may also not want to commit to any particular flavoring or mix-ins until just before consumption; the large batch machines gives them that freedom.

Other persons love the individual jar process. You can decide how you want each jar flavored and do this when preparing the yogurt so you can have, say, between 5 to 10 different varieties, depending on the capacity of the machines. It also allows one less step in the process as you can store immediately; this option is popular with persons who want to take their yogurt with them on the go.

The drawback with the multi-jar units is that unless you have several sets of jars, which you will have to purchase separately, you must consume or repackage the yogurt in order to have the jars available to make another batch of yogurt.

Standalone Unit or Multifunction Unit

These days, many kitchen machines are being combined into units that carry out various functions. Many of them now include a yogurt maker function. This is usually available in units that cook or steam foods or in slow cooker units. If you have other needs along these lines, this is a perfect solution for you as you get many functions in one unit.

The bonus with this type of unit is that it takes away most of the work from you in that you are prompted at various steps along the way. Its automatic features allow you to the freedom of not monitoring the machine and yet getting a quality product.

Whatever type of yogurt maker you choose you are sure to enjoy the ease of use, the freedom to make what suits you, and the money you will save over time.

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